Online Gambling Laws

Gambling is a heavy growing hobby all over the world. With the advancement of technology, its virtually possible to do anything from the comfort of our own phones now. Including betting and sports betting. Before going into the world of sports betting online or on your phone, many people stop to wonder if this is genuinely legal. In most states, and even the federal government, have legislation about whether its legal or not to gamble online.

Who Regulates Gambling?

The laws and regulations of gambling in the US were entirely decided by states until recently. The start of online gambling created confusion about where those laws. Who runs the laws of cyberspace? Most current gambling laws were meant to apply to general gambling laws, long before the internet existed. Thus the application of those laws to online gambling are open to broad interpretation.

US Regulation of Online Gambling

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Most people ask “Is it legal to run a sports betting operation offshore and take action from clients in the US?”  People might argue no. However, no bills have successfully passed to prevent any such business’s from forming.

The government puts the legality of gambling in the hands of each state. States in the past have proposed laws legalizing online gambling but have not been successful. Some states also have added laws that prohibits the advertising of online casinos (Illinois is one such state). Only three states – Nevada, Louisiana and California prohibit citizens from betting beyond state borders.

Though these laws are in effect, they are rarely enforced. In fact, most states consider catching the people behind the gambling operations way more important than the individual gambler themselves. To avoid breaking US laws, most internet sports books are located offshore in foreign countries along with their servers!

United states legislators are trying more and more everyday to pass more laws and bills to try to regulate online gambling. But because of the lack of clarification regarding jurisdiction over online gambling, they haven’t been successful. As of now it seems that the US government is not able to effectively regulate online gambling, that’s not to say that one day they will be able to.

So, Can I Gamble Online?

The simple answer is there is an explicit law against online betting in only three states – Nevada, California, and Louisiana. Even so, NO American citizen has ever been arrested for betting on the internet as of yet. Again, that’s not to say what the future may bring…

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