Divorce Solutions on a Budget

How to get Divorced

Time to wipe those tears off your eyes and get on with the divorce process. Before you start calling around read this post to get some ideas of what you need to know before you open your wallet and start paying thousands of dollars on legal fees.

First Step – What’s the Mood?

While all divorces are sad not all have to be drama filled. Fact is the less the drama the less the divorce will cost. Also the easier the process will be and the faster the divorce will be final. Companies like divorceinfloridaonline.com can get you divorced quickly and without you or your spouse stepping into the courthouse.

Second Step – Financial

It is much better to try to solve your financial troubles in agreement than letting a judge preside over your stuff and decide for both of you how you are going to split your assets and bills. If it takes swallowing your pride, so be it. If it takes letting go of somethings that you feel should be yours, let it go. It will all workout in the end.

Third Step – Children

If you have children together you both need to do everything possible to be amenable and work together for the sake of the children. When you have kids you need to establish child support and a visitation schedule that meets the needs of the children. While child support is usually established  by an income table there are things not fractured in such as school uniforms, school events, summer camp and other events.

Fourth Step – Paperwork

Many people choose to buy the forms in the court, filling them themselves and filing them at the courthouse. Others purchase the documents online, get a notary to help them fill them out and then file the documents at the courthouse. Yet others hire document preparers to handle all the process. Lastly some people choose to hire attorneys.

Just a few years ago everyone would pretty much hire an attorney. With so many options today that is no longer necessary. Many courthouses have online filing systems and the documents are converted into electronic forms that can take minutes to prepare.

To Summarize

Bottomline is that no matter how you decide to proceed with your case; keeping it amicable is the best way to be able to move forward while saving money on legal fees.

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