How to Choose the Right Law Firm

Tips to Choose the Right Law Firm for You

Most people need legal help when they are in a crisis and rush by hiring the first law firm or attorney they speak with.  While this is understandable many people end up spending too much money and end up feeling spent.

Eric Shanks from Florida hired a law firm to help them with a custody situation. After spending $10,000 they still did not get the outcome they wanted and now use a legal document preparer with the motions needed to continue the case.

Like Mr. Shanks many others have spent thousands of dollars on family, criminal and civil attorneys all around the United States.

Here are some tips to make sure you are hiring the right people to represent you:

  1. Do you really need an attorney? This should be the first question you ask yourself. Many times hiring an attorney is actually a knee jerk event not carefully thought out. Most courts have self help assistance and many cases can be handled by a paralegal or legal document preparer. For example in the case of a divorce. Most divorces in the State of Florida are a no brainer however many people hire attorneys to handle something that could have easily being handled by a document preparer.
  2. What’s your Budget? You may want to hire a law firm like the one from the show Suits but can you really afford them? Before you sign anything make sure that you understand their fee structure and if you fire them what part of the escrow you are entitled to get refunded.
  3. Are they Experienced Enough? Just because there are 10 lawyers in the law firm it does not mean that they are experienced enough to handle your situation. If you want to start a divorce make sure they have experience with family law, if it’s a car accident make sure that this is what they do.

These tips are just the beginning I have more tips but I will save them for a later post.

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