Law Firm Goes Gaga Over Internet Marketing

These days, you do not need to purchase a compact disc player to listen to your favorite music or a home entertainment system to watch your favorite movies. You need not go to a nearby store or supermarket to purchase your personal and your family’s needs. You don’t need go to different night lounges to seek for your dream date.

Just sit in front of your Internet-connected personal computer and you will have everything that you need in just a click of a mouse or keyboard. That is how powerful the Internet is—it completely changed the ay we live in this modern world.

Even the legal marketplace suddenly shifted into an “automated dimension”. If you want to ask for some legal advice or seek legal help from different law firms across the country, you don’t need to scan the yellow pages and find their telephone numbers, or if the explanation is insufficient, you have to visit them in their office. Through the help of Internet, you can “google” them over the Web, type the necessary keywords, and within a fraction of a second, you can find the law firms that you are looking for. You conserve time and financial resources and at the same time acquire the legal information that you need.

At this point, different law firms have embraced Internet marketing. They realized that getting into this type of marketing is extremely beneficial:

• To them, as they can increase the number of their clients, thus ensuring that their firm will continue to run. Since most individuals seek for legal help over the Internet, it is just wise that they bring their legal services closer to these individuals. Which means, more clients and more revenues for them.

• To their clients as well as to anyone who needs fast and accurate information about the law such as lawsuits and other law-related matters. Since people are now accustomed in logging on to their computers almost for every reason—read the latest news headlines, weather forecast, and others—it is just logical that they will rely on their computer for answers about their legal concerns.

One of the aspects of law firm Internet marketing is endorsing the firm and their services to the public. Definitely, you need to have a website containing the law firm’s mission, background, range of attorneys with their field of specialization (labor law, tax, criminal law, and civil code among others) and contact numbers. In setting up your law firm’s website, you must consider the aforementioned elements as well as the following components that should be integrated into your website:

• Glossary of legal terms;
• Different legal forms;
• Directory of attorneys (must be organized according to field of specialization and/or geography, if the law firm’s operation is regional or national-based);
• Frequently-asked questions and answers (FAQ) and similar sections (such as ask the legal expert);
• Hyperlinks directing to articles containing law-related issues and concerns; and
• The law firm’s legal case histories.

Aside from the inclusion …

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